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Whether designing a crafting protective fire fighting boots, comfortable law enforcement footwear or guaranteed waterproof styles, all of us at All American Boot Co. strive to create unique products that perform as promised. This dedication to quality, fit and technology is one reason we decided long ago to incorporate proven component technologies into every style we make. It's because of this quest for technology that we are excited to unveil our latest performance-enhancing component - The AquaTech™ Waterproof/Breeathable membrane.

Waterproof/Breathable Membrane

While other companies glue or laminate their membranes to a boot lining, our approach is different - and better. The AquaTech™ Waterproof/Breathable system is centered around a polymer membrane that keeps water out yet has pores which enable moisture vapor to be released. This breathing process keeps your feet feeling more comfortable, even when active. The real difference with the patented AquaTech™™ waterproof construction method is that it uses little or no adhesives during the lasting process. Less adhesive means that the membran's ability to breath, or its "MVTR" - Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate, is unrestricted. Furthermore, an improved fit is achieved because we last the lining first, thus eliminating the wrinkling associated with inferior laminated methods.